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Welcome at Michaelis GmbH & Co. KG!

The environmental technology of Michaelis has been successfully used for more than 50 years. This means worldwide more than 500 systems.


New Michaelis Fabrication

All Michaelis plants are manufactured and prefabricated in our factory as much as possible.
We opened a new factory on beginning of June next to our engineering facilities. 

Sewage Sludge Incineration

Michaelis installed an EC standard industrial sewage sludge incineration plant with off gas treatment system in the Middle East.


Tire Pyrolysis Plant Starts Operation!

The pyrolysis plant cracks the used tires at 600 °C into the following components:

  • Pyrolysis coke (Recycling product for tire production)
  • Pyrolysis oil (Diesel oil)
The plant consists of the following main parts:
  • Tire shredder
  • Pyrolysis rotary kiln
  • Pyrolysis coke preparation
  • Pyrolysis oil production (condenser plant)
  • Heat recovery
  • Clean air technology (scrubber system)
  • Fan and stack

Michaelis Off Gas Cleaning System for 120.000 m³/h

The reconstruction of a hazardous waste disposal site demands an effective off gas cleaning system with high reliability and low operational costs.
Michaelis delivers and erects the complete off gas treatment system:

  • Two stage filter system
  • Regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO)
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Scrubber
  • Fan and stack

Michaelis „Waste to Energy“ Systems

Increasing disposal costs? Use the residues for your own power supply!
Michaelis Combustor® Incineration system for an environmentally friendly disposal of your residues.

Info sheet Waste to Energy (PDF 152 KB)

New approval procedure in Germany

Simplified approval procedure for smaller and middle-sized „waste to energy“ systems. In article 3 of the law dated 23.10.2007 (BGBl. I 2470) the 4. BimSchV has been changed as follows: bb) column 2: ãa) Systems for disposal or recycling of solid, liquid or gaseous (in tanks), not hazardous wastes or landfill gas with inflammable components by thermal processes, particularly degasification, plasma process, pyrolysis, gasification, combustion or a combination of these technologies with a waste amount of up to 3 tons per hour or a consumption of landfill gas of up to 1000 cubic meters per hour; that means, incineration plants with an output less than 3 t/h are counted now among column 2, that means, among the simplified approval procedure according to 17. BimSchV. ‚The procedure will be enforced without public participation.
That simplifies the approval procedure considerably. The legal certainty is given.

Renewable Energy: the steam production plant at Reinsberger Spezialpapier is in operation

Residual products from the paper recycling plant are used directly to produce steam for the paper factory.

An interesting alternative of renewable energy solutions.

Typical tasks:
- You have to dispose production residues
- You need a low cost and future safe energy production

Our solution:
- Usage of the production residues as fuel for our continuous incinerator
- Production of energy by the hot flue gases like steam, thermal oil, electrical power, etc.

With more than 50 years of experience in production of incinerators and flue gas cleaning systems we plan and fabricate tailor made solutions for you.

Michaelis RTO Systems
Michaelis made a new definition of exhaust gas cleaning for mechanical and biological waste treatment plants!

Michaelis has built the two most actual RTO plants.

We have solved the following problems:
- Plugging of RTO by Si products
- Energy consumption too high
- Corrosion

The benefits compared to the other plants are remarkable:
- High reliability without big maintenance efforts
- Energy consumption by more than 20% lower
- No corrosion by using adequate materials and process modifications
- Very low emission values

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