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Incineration: Moved bed Type Cd - V

Main data:

Kind of waste: solid, paste-like up to 40% moisture content, liquid
Amount of waste: 10 - 5.000 kg/h
Calorific value of waste: 1 - 45 MJ/kg
Density of waste: 50 - 1.250 kg/m3


  • Continuous incineration: the waste is moved over steps with a ram system
  • Incineration without grate: absolutely sterile ashes by a complete burnout in the combustion chamber, the waste is mechanically mixed
  • Automatic ash discharging: safe technology
  • Rigid construction: use of standard components
  • Refractory lining: resistant against wear, high heat storage, low heat emission of the furnace
  • Postcombustion chamber: elimination of odour and organic matters
  • Easy operability: automatic function control
  • Low maintenance: all important components are clearly arranged and easy to access
  • Made in Germany quality: long-life cycle

Technical data:

Type Cd V5 Cd V10 Cd V11 Cd V12 Cd V13
Capacity kg/h 500 1.000 2.000 3.000 4.000
Thermal power 1.750 3.500 7.000 10.500 14.000
Main combustion chamber
Temperature °C 800 - 1.200
Residence time of waste
30 - 60
Postcombustion chamber
Temperature °C 800 - 1.200
Residence time of flue gas
> 2

Each incineration system will be adapted to the local requirements by Michaelis. The data indicated on the table are reference values. The data are calculated with a calorific value of 12.500 kJ/kg and a moisture content less than 10%. With the composition of the waste the indicated data will change.

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